6 Reasons Why Your House Is Still On The Market

Waiting for a home to sell is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful times for a homeowner. You may not have the financial capability to move until you make the sale, or perhaps you are making additional mortgage payments every month until you sell. So, why is this the case? Here are some reasons why your house not selling and is still on the market.

Your Home is Overpriced

As with any item out there, price is vital when selling property. You would think that a potential buyer would make an offer at a lower price, but this is rarely the case. Buyers are usually attracted to things that are priced competitively, and a house is no different. Ensure you check the local listings for similar homes and ensure you price it competitively.

Your Home is FSBO

FSBO is a route taken by owners who want to pocket the 6% or 7% commission price by selling the house on their own. While it seems like a reasonable strategy, your home won’t be listed on the Multiple Listing Service, which is how most realtors look for homes for sale. So, if you are selling on your own and there’s no sign of making a deal, perhaps it’s time to involve a real estate agent.

Your Items

Regardless of how much you like your stuff, potential buyers will barely appreciate it. Having too much of your items around makes it hard for potential buyers to imagine having their own possessions in the space, making it harder to sell. So, consider decluttering and putting away some of your items when the property is on sale.

Outdated House

It can be hard to sell a property if the bathroom and kitchen haven’t been upgraded in years and the carpeting is worn. Homebuyers consider the expense of remodeling and replacing old appliances. So, ensure you have a relatively modern kitchen and bathroom when looking to sell. Simple upgrades like a new coat of paint or new cabinets can do wonders.

A Fixer-Upper House

You might think people see the potential of your home when it needs a bit of work, but most of them are usually on the hunt for a move-in ready house. Nowadays, even a house that needs minor repairs can look like a bad deal. So, it’s a good idea to handle obvious repairs like peeling exterior paint, replacing a bad roof, replacing damaged windows, etc.

Pet Issues

Some individuals are very sensitive to odors, and so, if you have pets, chances are you’ve adapted to smells that are repulsive to those who don’t keep pets. Bad odors can trigger a strong reaction to potential house buyers and even send them away. Dogs that like to bark can be distracting and scare people away before they even see the house. So, ensure the house is clean and look for somewhere else for your pets to stay during open houses and showings.

This is not a comprehensive list of the reasons your house is not selling. However, it covers the primary ones and steers you in a direction that increases your chances of selling. Homeowners can benefit from selling their property to companies that buy houses as is for cash like (https://www.needtosellmyhousefastindenver.com/) when they are having trouble selling the traditional route.